The project

I’ve loved traveling for a while. I like to discover new countries, new people, new cultures and languages. I’ve been enjoying this passion for travel by living abroad, with opportunities I had during my student and then professional life: I’ve had the chance to live in Slovenia, Colombia, Mexico, Canada… I’ve also traveled on smaller durations (extended weekend or even one or several weeks), as much as I could do it. This way, I discovered several countries of Europe and Asia, and explored in depth the countries where I lived.
I’ve had the idea of taking a longer trip for a while, to be able to take my time and travel at a slower pace, but also see more places, and have the opportunity to visit less accessible places. This desire has grown even more when I saw or heard of friends, and brothers and sister, do the same.
I lived in Montreal in 2016 and there came the idea of ​​going down the Americas, from the north of North America to the south of South America. I love Latin America and wanted to spend a clear part of my trip there, and being in Canada made me think “Why not start the journey here?”. I left my job in October 2016, and the time seemed right. I’m taking the opportunity and starting this journey. I’m very happy to take a year for myself as well, a year which I hope will allow me take a step back and think, and consider what will follow in my life.
After 2 months in France, during which I’ve been able to see friends and family, and prepare my trip, I am ready to face the adventure. Here we go! I’m leaving alone with my backpack, planning to visit people on the way, but am also looking forward to the new encounters of this journey!